Left for dead?

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The most recent map update on my Go Live 1005 (camper/caravan) has left it only capable of rebooting constantly. Resetting doesn't work, the blackscreen/recovery trick doesn't work. as the computer won't connect with the device. Recovery interruption message strap line at top of Tomtom MyDrive Connect - please connect device. It won't. . I'm essentially locked out. I can't even do a factory reset because all I get is black screen with Tomtom on it in different orientations.
Anyone got a solution?
How can I 'phone or email tomtom support? the website takes me in circles


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    Join the club!!! TomTom Support (uk) - 020 7949 0134, 09:00-7:30.

    Don't necessarily expect a result though - my Go1005 C&C is still rebooting and I have been told to buy a new one!!!!! Seems like we all need to get together and demand a solution.
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    > Camper dave (and the 1005 high and dry club)

    I don't know if this will work for you all, but I think I've uncovered one of TomTom's little secrets regarding updating the 1005 camping unit's maps.

    After 2 days of futile resetting hoping it would "catch" (has worked in the past), I decided as a last resort to ignore all the re-boots and selected "install a smaller map" using MyDrive Connect.

    I then discovered that the Western Europe map has been sub-divided into about six different combinations of countries. I only went as far as map 3, it having all the countries I need and TT Mydrive connect said the map would "fit my device".

    I began the download process with the device plugged in, with it still rebooting all the blasted time, ignoring anything the computer reported, and the interruptions to the process, until the download was complete.

    The device then reported "no map detected", which I ignored. It then rebooted (again!!!!) and I just let it run.

    Blow me if it didn't go straight in, but the device shut down immediately. I restarted it and selected my map. I've kept all my favourites, and I shall be test flying it before venturing overseas with it.

    Needless to say it's easier for TomTom customer service to say buy a new one, but the website currently promises complete mapping support for these devices, but not repair (chipset no longer available). Clearly it's too much trouble to explain the change of protocol regarding the maps but I truly hope this comment will be of use to 1005 users.
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    It is fixable but you need to use you computer and the TOMTOM software MY DRIVE CONNECT to change the map from the FULL map to a SMALLER “ZONE” map

    Towards the end of page 1 of thread below and continued onto page 2:-