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I've just got a new spark 3 it syncs it tells me it synced but all day heart and phone notification are off and can't switch on Its now 3 months old and been sent back twice for repair. I've uninstalled the app reset bluetooth factory reset watch twice and unpaired my watch and paired it numorous of times and it always the same everything is synced for 5 mins then phone notification and all day heart rate are off and no way to turn it on just android notification on what am I doing wrong thanks



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    Hi there,

    Please make sure the heart sensor under Settings> Tracker>Heart is set to ON. The goal for calories must be set to the values, you can find this here: Setting a daily activity goal

    Once you check these settings, sync your watch again to the phone and let the sync complete. The options will be accessible after that. Hope it helps!

    Cheers, lampard