Battery wont charge

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I procured a new battery for my tomtom runner but it still won’t hild change how can this be? Why does Tom Tom not support the older style fitness Wristwatch. In the age of trying to change from the through away society.


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    Did you open up the watch and install a new battery? You may have not done it right or it may be the wrong battery. Doing so voided the warranty and any Support you will get so you are on your own. It was most likely just a firmware issue anyway. If you search the forums you will find this is a known issue for many users with the recent updates. Try letting the battery fully drain and then do a factory reset and if that does not work go to this post and ask the moderator to roll back your firmware version to 1.3.255 which may fix it.
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    Thanks so much for the response. Feel bit annoyed as I did love my watch so was pretty keen to get it up and running again.
    Yes, I did replace myself pretty simple task and yes I do know what I'm doing. The batteries is correct (tested it first). My watch worked fine until it updated so yes it would be great if it could be "rolled back" to an old version.
    PS; Tomtom said this watch was unsupported so voiding any warranty was not of concern to me.
    I have drained the battery (doesn't hold charge anyway) and reset still didn't hold charge.

    I will try the link. thanks again.