Updating A Constant Failure & No maps found TomTom Start 25 M

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No matter how many times I try to update my TomTom, and no matter what time of day it is, it always fails. Also, I guess during the attempts to update my maps, it has also deleted all of the old maps. I would happily use those, but they are gone. So now, I just try over and over to update the device with no success.

I know I have the latest Connect software. That's not the problem. I updated more than a year ago, and that took about 3 weeks. I kind of need it now.

I recently read that some models don't support the new maps. Is this true of the TomTom Start 25 M? Do I need to buy a new device? What is the latest model to be trusted with lifetime maps (I had that)?

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    I've had the same problem. But I've just updated one map only (Greece), and it worked. I'm now trying to update just Western Europe, and see if it works. One problem may be that it takes so long, over 5 hours, that maybe my computer goes to sleep
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