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tt tom Xl IQ routes frozen when trying to update

My Last Tom Tom.
I do not like Company who me off.
Many years ago I bougth a tt tom Xl IQ routes.
Time liceensed Maps. OK
Still I could during many years log on and somehow gett new firmaware and the users updates.
Fair enoug.

I have now tried to connect it and start tom tom home.

It hangs id^t doies not start.

So I thought that I should be able to get some support.

Their web site mi of. If they just could say that your gadget is to old. By a new thne it would be hones.

In the day of sustainability it should be possible to use the equipment for a fairly long time. It is in it self still working.

Well I will definitely nit consider any tom tom.


  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 16,691
    If you have an oldtimer car you can officially not buy spare parts from the dealer.
    That's exactly how it is with tomtom

    I understand that youre pi... .ff, but here is a German user forum. We cant change the situation:sleepy:
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