Samsung Android S8+ & PC Windows data transfer issues..

Martyn Sinclair
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Everything was synching perfectly until recently. Now after each run the data synchs to my Android perfectly. However, all historic data on my PC has gone and although the software on the PC confirms the watch is connected and synching, no data is transferred and no historic data shows.

Only recent change to PC, is I have changed from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

Any ideas...



  • xray79
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    When you synchronize your activities on your phone no data will be available on the PC. If you do an activity and directly synch on your PC you will have teh folder on your PC with the files. The PC synch is now just updating GPS and maybe the software.
    Did you factory reset your watch recently? If so it might be that your folder on your PC has changed also.
    I believe the folders should be somewhere here C:\Users\username\TomTom Sports