Legacy ONE XL missing maps

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I was trying to update my ONE XL and something went wrong and it was not loading any longer getting stuck on tomtom screen. I tired to restore from backup and it failed as well. I tried few different things and went through few updates through HOME application. At some point during one of the updates it looks like it overwrote my backup. I eventually was able to reinstall the application, but now my USA maps folder is empty. Same is in my backup. Basically I have no maps. USA maps came with the unit when I purchased it. Any suggestions please or I just have to throw it out now? Thanks in advance


  • Niall
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    Hopefully @VikramK will be able to restore your original map to your account ;)
  • VikramK
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    Hi NikolayE

    Map reactivated on your account..

    Should be available for download when connected to TomTom HOME.