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Your Device is Up to Date ??

Just tried updating my 5000 on My Drive Connect, and I'm being told that the Device is Up to Date ?
Since the Connect issue a few weeks ago, I've tried updating, but every time I try, it just tells me no updates. Surely there should be something with Speed Cameras atleast.
Anybody Else ???


  • BJB123BJB123 Posts: 78 [Apprentice Traveler]
    AH Houston, sounds like the Go 5000's have a problem........(with updates)
    I see I'm not the only one then. Just noticed that johnp99 and lee8932 have the same problem !
    I just hope its nothing to do with TT selling bits off, and not bothering to spend time on our updates. :)
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 8,999 TomTom Moderator
    Hi BJB

    I had a look at your account and I see that you have the latest UK and ROI v10.20 map installed along with the latest firmware v18.202.

    With regards to the speed camera updates, I posted an explanation here

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