Go essential Advanced lane guidance

Just bought an essential and having issues with ALG. Got told to reset by tomtom

It only works coming off motorways. Came up A34 in Oxfordshire which is 2 lane dual carriageway then widens to 4 lanes to join M40. No lane guidance at all. Showed me as if it was a normal roundabout....

Tomtom support very evasive about it


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 6,513 TomTom Moderator
    Hi Menzies

    We have a ticket which is open to investigate the problem related to advanced lane guidance not working is some TomTom devices.

    The agent as a part of basic troubleshooting advised you to try a factory reset, have you tested the device after that?

    I will add your findings to the ticket and also send a heads up to customer service about your posting here.

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  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 517 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    This has been an issue for a very very long time and Tomtom have failed to do anything about it despite knowing what the cause is for about 18 months....why did they tell you to do a reset knowing that does not work either...fobbing you off like they have done with others who are having this issue...sort it out Tomtom :rage::rage::rage::rage:
  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    Issue is now with support after reset made no difference

    They told me they are looking into it..... No indication of how long it will take but sounds like it has already been wrong for some time.

    Meanwhile I have a brand new satnav which is no good to me

    The A34 is the main trunk route from the south coast to the midlands. As you come up from the south and want to cross the M40 to get to Bicester, it shows the roundabout as a normal roundabout so no lane control. This would normally mean you stay in the left lane to go straight ahead. If you do that here, the 2 left lanes are M40N ONLY. That's because it widens from 2 lanes to 4 lanes so you actually need to be in the 3rd lane to go straight ahead. Yes there are road markings but they are usually not visible due to the density of traffic.

    I would not consider this to be ADVANCED lane control
  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    Just had a response... I quote.....

    "Unfortunately the device is not designed for Dual carriage ways and is supposed to work only on motor ways exit previews".

    So, Tomtom's ADVANCED lane guidance is only for exiting motorways... Not very advanced I would say as getting off a motorway is usually very easy... ALSO, the lane guidance on the motorway was so late I had to follow the signs and then it finally told me I happened to be in the right lane.

    I have now spent money on an expensive satnav that is no good to me. My old XXL was better than this but they don't support it any more.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 517 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    believe me there is nothing advanced about ALG...with Tomtom devices it's bloody non existent
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,352 Superusers

    I have ONLY seen ALGs displayed on a Motorway, I can't recall an ALG ever being displayed on a NONE Motorway road

    Tomtom GO Essential User Guide....

    Page 4480767699-0bb7-44b6-b2ad-f90e02a6d772.png

    On a Motorway Exit Slips I receive an initial verbal warning around a Mile from the exit then the AGL of the junction displays at 800 yards... the same with Motorway Intersections I receive a early verbal warning and the AGL of the junction displaying at 800 yards
    [/h3][h3]Sometimes a Mini ALG is displayed....[/h3]c1ceeb7d-50b4-4917-8426-719a95bcdb0e.jpg
  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    Dear Yamfazman

    When deciding on a satnav, I didn't download all the user manuals. I didn't even know it would have to be downloaded as opposed to being in the box.

    I went by the Name.. ie ADVANCED and the website which Tomtom agree is not clear as the pictures don't match the words.

    Google maps is better than Tomtom for lane guidance... But not always so good on routes.

    Tomtom seem to think I'm satisfied with their response and want to send me a survey... they might regret it
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,352 Superusers

    I have always known the Advanced Lane Guidance as meaning, guidance in advance of the Motorway Exit or Motorway Intersections you're about to navigate...
    Its been like that since purchasing my first Tomtom SatNav in May 2011

    I usually receive an initial verbal warning around a Mile from the exit then the AGL of the junction displays at 800 yards... the same with Motorway Intersections I receive a early verbal warning and the AGL of the junction displaying at 800 yards

  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    Hi Yamfazman
    1 mile on a motorway is 1 minute so very little warning.
    Anyway, let's not get distracted. Getting off a motorway and changing motorways is relatively straight forward and even google maps does that but I am talking about ADVANCED lane guidance which implies something more than that. There are some very complicated off-motorway junctions and some complicated ways of getting onto motorways which can mean going the wrong way if you get it wrong. This to me is what ADVANCED lane guidance is for, not the easy bit.
    Please bear in mind I am talking about this satnav being for a fairly new driver which is a difficult time these days with so many lanes and so much traffic.
    My complaint with Tomtom is that ADVANCED lane guidance is a misrepresentation. It should say 'MOTORWAY lane guidance' to make it clear. However, I have heard that Garmin lane guidance is better so Tomtom can't be straightforward as it could lose them sales...
  • LC123LC123 Posts: 28 [Prominent Wayfarer]

    I tend to agree that there is nothing 'advanced' about lane guidance, often it doesn't work (known issue), and often it's something you see on the simplest motorway exits so aren't really needed anyway.

    Things it often forgets to tell you in the graphic, for example a 2 lane slip road it often says to take either of the 2 lanes, which is correct to leave the motorway, but in reality on some slip roads you need to be in one lane or other quite soon after leaving the motorway, but it doesn't warn you of this, so you find you need a sudden lane change as the 2 lane slip road splits apart to go different directions.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,352 Superusers

    How strange, are you using a Computer Voice (A Computer voice has a more comprehensive command set)
    When I exit a Motorway and enter the Slip road when the ALG clears I receive a verbal instruction "In xxx yards turn Left/Right" or "In xxx yards at the runabout take the 'n' exit (Plenty of time to be in the correct lane)
    (You can clear the ALG early if required by tapping on the displayed ALG)

    On Motorway Intersections I receive a early verbal warning to keep right/left and the AGL or the Mini ALG of the junction displaying at 800 yards

  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,395 Superuser

    Are you using voice "Serena" or "Malcolm" ?
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