Voice recognition on GO Mobile App

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I believe one of the biggest handicaps to safe driving is being able to manage route changes whilst driving. Agreeing to a change of route means taking my hands off the wheel and hitting a tiny button on my iPhone located at arm's length.

The iPhone already has voice recognition in the form of Siri. Why can't TT use this to allow voice response?


  • DavidQPR
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    Would you seriously have any hope this might happen? iOS Tomtom go is dead. There are never any updates to the app, there are so many things wrong with it that are never corrected. Unfortunately we all need to move on to a rival satnav. It is patently obvious that there is no app development going on, it is just being left to die. With enormous regret, as I 100% loved the previous app, we all need to use a different satnav app
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    David QPR wrote:
    Tomtom go is dead.

    I find it a little difficult to accept that statement. TomTom Go app has been consistently voted as the best navigation app the past few years here in the UK.

    I am a professional driver, and I use the app all the time, even if a route is one I drive regularly. The traffic information is undoubtedly the best available on any app, and the maps are regularly updated with road works and average speed zones. For unfamiliar routes, the instructions are easy to follow.

    That being said, I would love to see a fresh new interface, but I suppose that being a duplicate of the one on dedicated sat nav devices from TomTom, it probably will never change. Having a voice recognition interface though, would be a massive improvement.