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Screen changing VIA 160

I have a Via 160, and just recently it has started the annoying habit of changing its screen all the time. Not the vibration of the windscreen as it flicked thru 6 windows last night while I was stationary. I have tried updating and a partial reset (as I dont want to loose all my saved POIs and favourites) but it still pleases itself what screen it goes to.
Also on the subject of favourites and POIs, I cant seem to find the Community Content icon to update and save these. Any help much appreciated.


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    Slide the sharp edge of a business card under the frame of the device to free up any 'gunge' lodged there that might be causing phantom keystrokes on the screen. Also, remove a screen protector if you have one.
  • NanaraineNanaraine Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you. Your suggestion came up as related once I posted this and have tried it. Back to work tomorrow so fingers crossed that it has worked.
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    Re... Your NAV3 Device.....
    Get the latest MyDrive Connect Here.....

    Method (1)
    (1)... If you’re running the latest MyDrive Connect… The menu has changed slightly.....
    (2)... With your device turned on and plugged into the PC USB port
    (3)... MyDrive loaded and the MyDrive showing on the PC Taskbar
    (4)... RIGHT CLICK On the Tomtom Icon on the PC Taskbar
    (5)... Click on the link "Manage Community Content" (See below image)

    The below image is 2X normal size

    Note... If you're using Hidden Icons on your PC's Task Bar
    (1)... Click on the up arrow ^ Icon on the task bar to access the Tomtom Icon
    (2)... RIGHT CLICK on the Tomtom Icon
    (3)... Click on the link "Manage Community Content"

    Method (2)
    Direct Web Address link to "Manage Community Content"
    (1)... With you device turned on and plugged into the PC USB port
    (2)... With MyDrive loaded and the MyDrive showing on the PC Taskbar
    (3)... Click on the Link below to open the "Manage Community Content" page

    After using Method (1) or (2) to access the "Manage Community Content" menu
    Scroll to the top to the top of the list to 'Favorites.Ov2' and 'Copy to computer'....

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