Symbol on NVA-SD8110 map after update

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Updated the product last summer (-18) and after that this symbol has popped up on the map display and wont go away. Anyone knows what this symbol means?
The symbol i am talking about is the one with red ring, above the arrow on the upper left corner.


  • Troubadix12
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    Hi gunderh,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community :)

    I think the Update has installed and activated the Speed-Warning (Speed-Camera) feature. It looks like a warning of a safety-zone (like in France). Is there a safty-zone with calculating average of your driving speed?

    The 7th Symbol ;)

    Manual SD8110 at Page 82 first Symbol ;)


  • gunderh
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    Hi Troubadix12,

    Thanks for the help! It looks like the symbol you linked, but it pops up when I start the car and then it stays there for some months, before it goes away for some time, and then pops up again.

    There is none of these average speed checks in the area. When it is away, I'm still driving in the same city and area as when it is on the displayThe nearest speed camera is approx. 15 km away from here, and its just a normal speed camera. I will try the solution in the manual you linked, and report back after that.