TomTom-Sport GPS watch heart rate zone not working correctly

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There are parts missing and at first I thought it was a new setting for the optimizing the workout by not measuring time standing still but if I am squatting I am theoretically standing still however my heart rate is up and it should be reading and measuring things. I always set my watch on Freestyle as I am often in the gym with a work out combining cardio and weight training or I am doing teibo at home. I know more or less what my previous unit was picking up for my various exercises.
Has anyone else had this issue and a way to resolve it?


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    Wrist based HR monitors are notoriously inaccurate for weight training and cardio training. With weight training, low HR is often seen as any time you do an activity that squeezes or tenses the forearms (like the pull stroke in rowing, bearing down on your handlebars in cycling, or virtually any weight lifting move) you are squeezing the blood vessels the watch is reading, so it sees this as a reduced pulse. It is not that the watch is having a problem reading your pulse; it is that your pulse at the wrist has dropped because you are temporarily cutting off blood flow to the vessels it is reading. When you stop you will often then see a bounce up as there is a sudden rush of blood to the now open blood vessels. For Cardio, or any activity that involves a lot of jerky arm movements, you are constantly dislodging the watch and shifting it, so it is losing signal constantly, giving bad readings (up and down). I have experienced this with every optical HR I have used, including a Mio and a Scosche unit. For these sorts of activities, you are better off using a chest strap synced to the watch if getting a more exact reading.

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