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I have a clio Carminat TomTom LIVE and it displays no maps found, I have followed the instructions to switch off wait 30 sec etc
When I go to update the sd card It says no device found
Any ideas please


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    Hi cath3rin3,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community :)

    First Question: Have you ever made a manually (without TomTomHome) full Backup of your SD-Card? If not, now it is the right time ;)

    For Explorer change the view-option to show all files and folders (even system and hidden too). Exit TTHome via Taskline (Apple MAC -> Dock). Now copy all files and folders of your SD-Card via Explorer (Apple MAC -> Finder) to your local Harddrive in a folder of your choice (for example "TomTom-Backup-2019-01-16").

    Next Steps try on your own Risk!!!

    Now you can format your SD-Card with FAT32 (no Quickformat). But watch out! This Step delete all Stuff from your SD-Card (I hope, you verify your Backup).

    Next put the SD-Card back in your Carminat and turn on Ignition. Wait, until "No Map found" (or "SD-Card initialized" or similar) is shown.

    Next turn of ignition and put the SD-Card back into PC (MAC) and start TTHome. Follow Instructions from TTHome. Repeat Updates until no more offered.

    Hope this helps