iPhone XS and TomTom GO 50- Bluetooth connectivity

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Hi All,

I am having trouble in connection my GO 50 to new iPhone XS.

iOS 12.1.2
MyDrive App 2.6.0

GO 50:
App v18.202.0024.311

The device was working correctly with my old phone. When switch to my new phone, the device is paired successfully, but brings up a message say cannot connect to the MyDrive app, which prevents my using TomTom services. TomTom support say iPhone XS is not in the compatible list for GO 50. Please let me know if any one in the community came across the same issue and resolved it. Thanking you all in advance.


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    Hi All,

    After a number of research, finally I got my device connected to iPhone XS using iOS 12.1.2. Presently my device shows both traffic and speed camera services as activated. Still need to test the services are fully functional.

    Steps Done:
    • Added TomTom Traffic Checker Widget to iPhone active widget screen.
    • Make sure the widget can access location by setting the privacy to TomTom MyDrive.
    • Re login to the MyDrive Application.
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    Hi All,

    A quick update. Even though the above steps resolved my connectivity issue(Still not tested fully), I came across an article stating iOS 12.1.2 have issues sharing data to third party apps which to expected to be fixed by 12.1.3 which now in beta. Hope this also helps.
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    iPhone XS Max latest IOS 12.1.4 Apple upgrade from a week ago broke MyDrive app somehow. Phone and Go 620 are paired but won't sync with location and traffic without both units being connected to a WiFi. It works perfectly when connected to WiFi but not on open road. Both MyDrive and Go 620 were working perfectly until this latest OS upgrade.
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    Hi @[email protected]

    Have you tried connecting to your Phone via the phones hotspot as a possible solution at the moment. I have connected my TT unit via a Mifi when the inbuilt sim could not connect.for a short period.