TomTom Speed Cameras: No Audio when used with Android Auto

ManuK33900 Registered Users Posts: 1
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My phone (Nokia 6.1 / Android Pie 9.0) together with Android Auto (USB) and TomTom speed cameras software leads to the situation that there is no sound.
Alarms work correctly on the screen but screen changes too little to be noticed during driving.
I have tried both audio settings (Play from speaker, Play from default audio route) but there is no audio.
I had Android 8.1 in the phone when I purchased it and it had the same issue (i.e. not relevant to the Android Pie only)
It may be hardware audio routing issue with the phone (Nokia 6.1) but I am not able to test that.
Have you experienced similar problems?


  • TinkerBurt
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    Same problem on the S8. So annoying I can't use TomTom anymore since I got a new car with Android auto. I've got a sub for another 3 years. I wanted to use Google maps and tomtom cameras as a workaround but even that's not working.. without sound it's useless. I only get the audio alerts when listening to music via Android auto.