Updating Go 6100 - Failure

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I have been experiencing a number of problems with my GO 6100. It all started last Monday 7th January 2019 when I was updating my device. Updating a number of background files was OK but when trying to update the maps - European and US/Canada - the problems started. There were a lot of messages kept appearing to suggest the Tom Tom servers were overloaded and when I tried to update the European maps the download seemed to be complete but then it failed at the last moment. The device is connected directly to my PC (Mac) and I have tried two Tom Tom cables so I do not suspect a cable issue. I have carried out a device reset and have uninstalled and reloaded the 'My Connect' software several times onto my PC all to no avail. Even tried updating the device using a Windows 10 PC - same result. All I get now is 'Waiting for your device' message - see below. Any thoughts how to resolve problem?