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I did ask this question some time ago, with not much joy! Has there been any development from TT on getting some different map downloads available for the Go5100 yet? I'm fed up with the one and only daytime map available, and the disgusting grey nighttime map - the less said about that the better!

Is it that difficult to have a different selection of downloadable map colours TT???

Come on - LISTEN to your customers.........................I wouldn't even mind paying for them if it meant being able to change the map colours depending on your mood, like you always used to be able to with the older models. How does 'getting less than you used to' warrant being called an 'upgrade'?


  • Neddone1
    Neddone1 Registered Users Posts: 59
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    Still no response on this from ANYONE at TT? Glad to see the customer is listened to....
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    You have no chance of getting a reply on here from anyone at Tomtom...the staff on this forum are very ignorant and hardly ever reply to requests so don't hold your breath