Calorie estimation for a 24h activity - with HR measured

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I wondering to know my calorie estimation based on my HR along 24h.

If I use the watch in the Gym mode (that includes HR info and does not include GPS info), is the value of total calories associated with this 24h-activity the correct value, or should I subtract something related with BMR from this value? Thanks!


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    It is an estimate, but it may no be an accurate one. The algorithms built into the watch are assuming you are engaged in aerobic activities at a set heart rate range and lose accuracy as you go above or below it. Even if it were right, it is still just an estimate of calories burned by inferring oxygen consumption with HR, which is an indirect correlation. The only way to truly get calories burned is to perform test in a laboratory setting where you breath in an out of a mouthpiece so they can tell your exact energy usage. All that being said, for a general estimate it may do for you, but you could also use the numbers calculated by the activity tracker in the watch or put your weight age, etc., into an online calculator and get the same data. In any case, it is unlikely the battery is going to last 24 hours with the HR on, even without GPS but give it a try and see what it tells you.

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