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TomTom Sports Connect can not find iTunes playlist

TroyVSCTroyVSC Posts: 34 [Outstanding Explorer]
I know this topic has been addressed. Yes I have the the box checked in iTunes to share the iTunes Library XML with other applications. Yes my songs are in the correct format as I have 500 songs from previous playlist currently located on the watch.

I recently got a new computer. The new PC is running Windows 10. Itunes is running Version 12.9.14. My watch is up to date with version 1.7.64. I believe the APP is up to date as well. I have uninstalled both Itunes and MySportsConnect from the new PC.

My watch establish connection in the app and downloads data from my exercises. I can see my current playlists on the watch but can't find the iTunes updated playlists. The file location for the playlists in the edit>preferences>advanced is C:\Users\tvisser\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media. The folder in my sports that defaults to is the same but I can not see the same files that I can see when I go to the iTunes folder on the Computer. I can navigate in my devices and find the watch and the music currently on the watch in the playlist previously created on the old computer.

Please help. What am I missing.


  • TroyVSCTroyVSC Posts: 34 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Had my it guy. Take a look. He says the iTunes Music Library.xml file is in the folder that TomTom MySportsConnect is looking in yet it doesn't show up when I hit browse. In fact no files types can be searched.

    Went over past discussions and checked the file above and the last line in the iTunes Music Library.xml I think that is correct. Can someone please help.

    I sent the app data in order to give more information.
  • IronlindiIronlindi Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have the same problem and have done for months. I have contacted customer support and tried uninstalling, reinstalling etc.
    Their last message said I should have software version 3.3.9 but that doesn't appear to exist!
    I've been subjected to the same episode of a podcast and just a few tracks of music for months and it is driving me insane.

    I'm hoping that someone can come up with a solution that doesn't involve me going out and buying a different make of watch!
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,776
    You can go to the watch in a file explorer window (the watch will be mounted as a drive) and create a folder in the Music folder and move the tracks into that folder. The software will then automatically create a playlist with all the tracks in the folder named after the folder. You can delete any tracks you do not want while you are there or to clear the watch, delete everything in the Music folder ([drive letter]\MySportConnect\Music). This will clear all playlists from the watch.

    Once you have deleted all the files in the Music folder you need to close the Connect software (right click in the notification area and pick exit on Windows, not sure the exact procedure on Mac) and reopen it and it will reanalyze the watch storage. Factory resets of the watch will not impact watch storage the only way to do that is through a File Explorer window.

    I hope this helps answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
  • IronlindiIronlindi Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you :-)

    By going through the file explorer I have now managed to change the playlists. Its a bit of a faff to have to do it that way instead of updating via the connect app but just being able to change them has saved my sanity!
  • TroyVSCTroyVSC Posts: 34 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks for the workaround. Not really the way it is supposed to be but as TomTom has pulled out of the watches market i guess this is what we can expect going forward.
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