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TomTom Rider 550 Compatibility

cjpeltzcjpeltz Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
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I have the TomTom 400 and thinking of upgrading to the TomTom 550. Does anyone know if the charging mount on the 550 is the same as that on the 400? Or will I need to rewire to use the 550?


  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 276 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi, you don't have to re-wire. Just unplug your old charging mount and connect the new one.

    Have a nice day,
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 708 [Revered Pioneer]
    TomTom uses the same motorcycle mount for the Rider 4X 4x0 and 5x0.

    Only the ring on the mound has a darker color.

    So you can also use the old mount.
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