TomTom 50 Battery problem

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Hi All, I bought this Tomtom 50 in 2016 from Harvey Norman store. Recently it has stopped working in the car. When I connect to my PC it charges and I can power up and use it normally. But as soon as I disconnect it from PC it shows the battery low (red & flashing) and then within a minute the device goes off. Resetting the device didn't help.

I feel like the battery needs a replacement but don't know how to open it/replace. The Tomtom site says that the battery can't be replaced. Tried to call Australian customer support but after waiting for ages I hanged up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Pat_Jackson
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    Surprise, surprise, Amazon sell batteries, and they come with the tools to open the casing, screwdrivers and a sticky pad to hold the battery in place. I changed mine and had a bigger capacity battery into the bargain. Just be careful with the ribbon cable and especially the one for the usb socket and check the usb socket lines up with the hole. Apart from that, a piece of cake, its an unplug and plug, no soldering, if I can do it my shovels for hands, anyone can! X. p.s. See YouTube video!
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    @Pat_Jackson Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have seen that on youtube but now gain confidence to try. Thanks again!