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I receive old device as gift. Is there some way to find out which version of map and software is inside device? And which version was latest available. Is there a way to upgrade device to latest available map/sw before support for it ended?


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    See this FAQ to find current map version https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12214/locale/en_GB

    Sorry to say you are too late to update as the GO 630 has already been declared obsolete see https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/obsolete-products/
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    @Niall thank you! I'm new in TomTom world, and as it seems I will not be long in it :(.

    Now I know sw and map version in my device.
    App 9.510.1234792.1 OS 842337 (2039 4/4/2013)
    GPS v1.20, Boot 5.5120
    Map: C&EE v825.2157

    Where can I find info what they means, or what were latest versions available?

    If I'm to late to update, and version of map is several years old (as it seems to me in my region) then I can use device as paper weight, right?

    I'm interested if it's somehow possible to update device and map to last version that was available before it was declared obsolete.

    Update: I have found map versions and it seems that map is early 2009 :(
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    9.510 is the correct/current App/navcore/software for that device.
    Boot 5.120 is just the boot-up system file so you can safely ignore that.
    Unfortunately, that map (v825) was released in Feb 2009 so is pretty old & out of date now and there is no legal/official way of getting a newer map

    However, there obviously are ways around it so have a read around here which is also relevant to your GO630 too:- https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/go-x00-x50-series-one-start-ease-xl-xxl-tomtom-home-23/tomtom-start-too-old-to-update-1040742