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Lane Guidance not working after the latest update......again



  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    bumping back to the top just so that Tomtom know I haven't forgot about this issue and won't till it's come on pull your finger out and get this sorted
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    Just a quick comment for anyone considering moving over to Garmin:-
    • The routing is often quite weird - a previous top-of-the-range model I owned regularly tried to send me down lay-bys, narrow country lanes (even more often than my TomTom) and diversions off main roads, only to rejoin the same road a few yards up ahead.
    • No road numbers given at many major traffic islands, but instead, you are given road names. What use is that if you don't know the area? This was a major consideration in my decision to return to TomTom.
    • Traffic is c**p compared with TomTom's live services.
    • Postcodes and streets sometimes cannot be found during search.
    • No way to pre-program your sat nav using any internet-enabled PC.
    So in essence, TomTom products leave a lot to be desired, but IMHO, they are still much better than Garmin's offerings.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I agree with a lot you are saying BrianE as i tried a garmin a few years ago and for me Tomtom traffic is the best you can get but it's all the other faults that drive me mad and the biggest problem with tomtom is the fact they are so bloody slow at fixing faults as you can see from this ALG bug...nearly 18 months since i started this thread and still no fix.
    I'm a huge fan of Apple products and yes they have bugs too but Apple jump on faults and get them sorted fairly quickly but Tomtom....not a chance.
    It just frustrates the hell out of me as they used to be so good...I had a go live100 and it was a fabulous device but these new ones are shockingly bad compared to the older devices....maybe Tomtom should give up with these and take a step back in time
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    I feel your pain Covkid62. I too am so frustrated by TomTom. They don't seem to have any idea what they are doing and we haven't had any useful software updates for ages now. It's a disgrace really, considering how much they charge for their devices.

    Back in June, I wrote the following letter to their HQ, but I never received a proper response, just a message from a customer services advisor, who although he tried to be helpful, never managed to secure any answers to my questions:-

    "Dear Sirs

    I have one of your portable in-car satellite navigators (model GO 6200) and I have a number of questions for which I would really appreciate having some answers.

    First of all, may I say that there are many features of my GO 6200 that I really like, such as the clear instructions given at complex junctions and the way the map zooms in at roundabouts to make it easier to see which exit to take. However, there are a number of things which are not so good, many of which have been discussed ad nauseum on your official forum and which are causing your customers to become increasingly frustrated. I have therefore decided to write this letter to you in the hope that you can provide answers as to why some of the issues we have raised, often over a period of several years, have still not been addressed. Here are some of the issues for which I would like answers:-

    1. Being routed down narrow country lanes, when there are perfectly good A or B classified roads available. I have raised this issue many times on the forum, the latest just a few days ago here: In the UK, this could easily be solved by providing an option to avoid unclassified roads. As it is, being sent down these wholly-unsuitable roads is likely to cause damage to our vehicles and would be potentially dangerous on a wet night in winter. Imagine meeting a vehicle coming the other way and having to reverse back up such a narrow, winding track in the dark and rain with windows misting up – would you like to do it? I think not. Something is fundamentally wrong when Google maps can plan decent routes, but our dedicated satellite navigation equipment cannot.
    2. Lack of proper support for custom POI’s. For example, many of us would prefer to use third-party mobile speed camera databases, such as the excellent one available at pockergpsworld, but we can’t do so and the TomTom mobile cameras (in the UK at least) are hopelessly inadequate.
    3. The ability to turn off the annoying feature which zooms the map right out to 2D North-up view when a planned destination is reached, rather than staying on the selected 3D zoomed in view while driving along the active route. I have tried to turn this off, but I have never been able to do it on any TomTom device.
    4. Mapshare Reporter – It takes way too long for reported changes to take effect and often our reports are rejected for no good reason. Here is an example from the forum and despite the assurance that TomTom’s error has been corrected, it’s still showing as rejected when I log in to Mapshare:
    5. The poor voice-recognition feature. It’s so unreliable as to be almost useless. My Amazon Fire TV can recognise my spoken instructions with almost 100% accuracy so why can’t my GO 6200? It even thought the sound of my air conditioning was its wake-up command recently, so how bad is that?

    I hope you will address the issues I have raised and provide some real answers as to why little or no progress is being made on resolving these matters. We have paid a lot of money for our devices and we expect them to function as they ought to do, especially since TomTom have been in the business for a long time.

    I look forward to receiving your response at your earliest convenience.

    Yours faithfully..."
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi BrianE,

    A very well thought out email to Tomtom with some very good points but i'm not surprised they haven't answered any of your just seems as soon as they have our money they are not interested in sorting aything out and as you have said these devices are not the cheapest but it seems to me as the prices have gone up the devices quality has gone down.
    I drive about 35,000 miles a year for work so use my device every day and some of the routing has been bloody awful to say the least and yes that does mean getting sent down country lanes that were designed for horse and carts not cars and vans and i've lost count the amount of times i have come face to face with another car coming the other way with no way of getting past.
    Routing needs sorting out before somebody gets killed and as the winter approaches i'm dreading using my go6200.
    I'm not getting my hopes up with Tomtom anymore and sort of giving up with these devices as they are not getting any better and as you have said we have not had any useful updates in god knows how long...It's almost like they are giving up with it themselves knowing they are quite crap
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 234 [Exalted Navigator]
    Oh dear, despite doing a “Drum Roll reset after every speed camera and mapshare updates which up to now had worked reasonably successfully……….:thinking: I now have joined the totally random ALG brigade. :grinning:

    I travel on the M25 motorway 3-4 times a week and last Friday night on my way out noted that the ALG did “not” appear at Junction 20 Anticlockwise. Returning later ALG did “not” appear at Junction 21 Clockwise but I had the ALG displayed at Clockwise Junction 21A which has appeared before but intermittently ……………….
    So 1 out of 3.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

    Yesterday I had “no” ALG at Junction 18 Anticlockwise then returning also had “no “ ALG at Junction 21 Clockwise and Junction 21A……..
    So 0 out of 3. :persevere:

    So what happened between Friday and Sunday – nothing apart from letting the 6200 go to sleep. Really random why ALG performs so erratically.

    I thought when TT said they had detected the root cause of the problem on 11 December 2017 that a fix could have been made in time for Xmas 2017……….???

    @VikramK Can you please give us an update on what has been happening on an ALG fix?

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a very good boy all year and all I want for Xmas 2018 is for ALG to be restored to consistent working and maybe something can be done about proper support for custom POI’s; avoiding sending us down narrow single track roads and getting voice recognition working too please?? :grin:
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,729
    Hi @Lost Soul

    Just one observation.

    If I remember correctly when @VikramK said they had been able to replicate the problem and were seeking a solution he suggested that until they had resolved the problem you Turn your units off rather than let them go to Sleep.

  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi Lost Soul

    my ALG has always been like that which is totally random because even when I’ve done a soft reset it sometimes doesn’t work at all.
    I’m starting to think that Tom Tom have given up with these devices as when was the last time we had a decent update with new features or even more importantly new features that we actually want like an avoid single track roads button and proper poi icons etc.
    The last few updates have been fixes for bugs they have created but despite saying they know what’s causing ALG to fail they still have done nothing to fix it......Tomtom engineers are totally useless
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi Doug

    i have tried that many many times and sometimes ALG will work for a while and sometimes not at all
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 234 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi @DougLap

    I omitted to say in the above scenario that after my return home on Friday night I did a drum roll reset before putting it into sleep mode.

    You are right @VikramK did say :

    In the meanwhile, it's highly recommended to avoid using sleep mode, but instead shut down the device when not in use. You should notice an improved ALG performance.

    I guess shutting down the device is the same as doing a Drum Roll reset each time?

    I am a little impatient when I start driving and my usual mode is to send my destination beforehand to the 6200 via Mydrive so I can start my journey without any significant delays. I live within a minute of the M1 and 2-3 minutes from the M25 and often my route can use one or the other to get to the same destination depending on traffic which on these motorways can change very quickly.

    So after shutting the unit down, I can be driving towards the M25 before the 6200 has booted up, received my destination, locked onto Traffic and calculate the optimum route then as I am about to join the M25 it has announced it would be quicker to go via the M1. Or one occasion I was on the M25 and a 15 minute delay was announced :persevere:.

    Hence why I use Sleep mode to get a speedier startup to avoid this type of scenario.

    But @VikramK also said:

    Our developers have reproduced this bug and have now identified the root cause.

    A task has been created for them to get this fixed as soon as possible. :thinking:
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Tomtom’s as soon as possible and my as soon as possible are worlds apart unfortunately
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Any update on this fault Tomtom...think you've had long enough to fix this issue
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 234 [Exalted Navigator]
    I appear to have migrated further downwards to ALG "consistently not working" at one Motorway Junction (M25 J21 Clockwise) and totally randomly for other junctions...........:thinking:

    All despite doing a Drum Roll Reset after each Speed Camera /Map Content update and making sure that my device (Go 6200) is Turned Off at the end of each journey. :persevere:

    It will soon be one year since we were told that TT they had detected the root cause of the problem on 11 December 2017 and three months ago we were told:

    "Hello everyone

    Thank you all for your patience so far.

    We are aware that a fix on the ALG bug has been delayed but this does not mean that we have ignored the problem, believe me our team is working hard to get it resolved.

    Some of our experiments and fixes have delivered not so satisfactory results so the next release will unfortunately not cover this. We are sorry about the delay and please accept our sincere apologies for this".

    @VikramK Can we have an up to date position on the ALG bug please? :heart_eyes:
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi Lost ALG has been ike that for quite a while now as even after turning it off instead of letting it sleep or various drum roll resets it hardly ever works...wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an update from VikramK as he seems to have vanished into thin air when it comes to getting updates :grin:
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 234 [Exalted Navigator]

    Yes, it is so irritating as I was wasting so much time constantly doing Drum Roll Resets / waiting for the 6200 to Boot up and be ready to go............. :tired_face:

    And the ALG when it works can really help in navigating Motorway exits/junctions.

    You may be right about @VikramK as he does not appear to have made any posts in the last 2 weeks - maybe he is on holiday?? :thinking:

    Can you assist us in getting an up to date position on the ALG Bug please? :sunglasses:
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I’m starting to think that VikramK was never actually here and is just a figure of our imagination ??

    You’re right about ALG though as it’s essential for me as I drive on loads of motorways with complicated junctions like the m6/m42 toll and the amount of times I’ve been in the wrong lane is unreal and having that mini ALG appear and block the road ahead doesn’t help.
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    My perception, right or wrong as it may be, is that there seems to be less and less feedback from TomTom staff on this forum as time goes by and fewer and fewer product updates as well. It almost seems as though we are slowly but surely being abandoned.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I’m with you on that one BrianE. When was the last time we had a decent worthwhile update. Maybe nav6 is on the way ?
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 545 [Exalted Navigator]
    Oh that will be interesting. I wonder what features they will remove for the next generation devices? That's all they seem to have been able to accomplish over the last few years - remove popular features and replace them with zilch. I reckon that the next thing for the chop will be the little arrow that shows your current location on the map!
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    I’m sure they will find something to take off us and probably charge us more for it ??
  • meedermeeder Posts: 169 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Since the TomTom stock has plummeted a couple of times in the last few months I am not surprised that we don't hear anything anymore out of TomTom support.
    The focus of the company is in supplying software and maps to car manufacturers, they don't care about PND's anymore since they sell less and less of them.
    I really hope that my next car will have Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto so that I can use Google Maps or Waze to navigate so I do not have to bother with a PND anymore.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Yeah im
    thinking the same meeder as they are now very slow at either replying to our requests or giving us any decent updates
  • Bernie-52Bernie-52 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Covkid62 wrote:
    Once again I find myself having to come on here and complain about bloody lane guidance.
    After the latest update it worked for about a day and then stopped yet again so after yet more reboots it works again for only about a day.
    Can someone at Tomtom tell me why after nearly 4 years that this bloody feature will not work as it should.
    My go5000 had the same issue and now my go6200 is just as useless .
    I have set it up to display split screen view and I was hoping this update would be the one to get it working...but no still the same piece of junk it was before the update.
    Obviously the poi shown on screen is a brill new long awaited feature as is the main screen speed camera report button.

    Come on Tomtom please get this issue fixed as it's driving me pun intended
  • Bernie-52Bernie-52 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Same issue for me. Lane Guidance at major intersections was working, now does not. Checked the settings all OK. Seems to have stopped after recent reset to try to get live traffic working. Generally, lots of features randomly turn on and off. Sound going off is quite common, have to put up the volume. Blue guidance line just disappears between intersections then comes back (can see it looming in the distance). No longer receives new routes from the mydrive app. Voice command help just appears whilst driving and blocks the map. The 'lets go' button appears only randomly have to search for the address 2 or 3 times to get it to start navigating. Today it phoned my uncle while we were talking in the car, saying "we will have to call ,,," even though it has never worked before, can't show my contacts and did not display the voice command screen.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 545 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Hi Bernie-52

    I've experienced all the problems you have mentioned at some point including most recently the missing blue route line when i was on holiday in Florida...these devices are full of bugs and problems but Tomtom don't seem bothered in getting them fixed....they finally agreed over a year ago that ALG wasn't working for a lot of people but they still haven't fixed it....totally bloody useless
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