Which type of TomTom Runner?

Steven Vanonckelen
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I have a TomTom Runner watch but the bracelet is 'cracking' around the zone where you need to put the watch into the bracelet.

Therefore, I have two questions:
  • is there a guarantee for this kind of damage? I don't have a receipt anymore.
  • how do I find out which type of TomTom I have? I think it's a runner2, but I'm not sure. The number in 'info' is HR3476G-01728, the model on the side mentions 4RF M. Some pictures are attached.
Many thanks!7be4a91e-6591-4b42-8469-a33cf22cfd64.jpge66e7acc-34a3-4095-8f3c-c3847e159eb4.jpg