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How do I register a new sports watch to my old account, I have had a tom tom sports watch for three years, it is now broken so I have brought a new one but I need to replace the registration of my old watch with my new one.



  • tfarabaugh
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    When you plug the new watch into the computer for the first time it will prompt you to register (if it does not,. do a factory reset to force it). when prompted, enter the email your current account is under and it will add the watch to that account.

    I would take care with your buying decision considering TomTom left the wearables business a year ago and is just selling out their inventory. All production and development has stopped and there will be no new features or changes to the existing features in the future. If you are able, you may want to consider returning the device and going with another brand that is active in the sports watch market and intends to continue producing and supporting devices.

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    Thanks for your help, its all sorted now, I only use the watch on the bike I am a keen cyclist so have a bar mount, with it being small and recording my routes and average speed it fits the bill nicely I am not to bothered about cardio ect, at 62 years of age If can do 126 mils plus with an average speed of around 17mph in Derbyshire I am happy with that. Thanks for your help,