Runner 3 fails to upload activities with TomTom Sports app on iPhone or via PC

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For at least 1 month my Runner 3 Cardio watch has been failing to upload activities to the sports app on my iPhone or when I connect it to my laptop. I have read previous similar threads but solutions recommended do not work.

Help please!



  • tfarabaugh
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    Since you don't tell us what solutions you have tried or what errors you are getting it is hard to help you. This is a user forum, not a psychic hotline.
  • Mateo_PL
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    I have the same issue. The connexion of my witch through USB is not possible "USB device not recognized", connexion by bluetooth also not possible. The synchronization is starting, ut when it is about 25% it stops and restarts.
    This is a new issue and I would like to know if it is linked with the last update.
    Thanks for Your help.