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Hello sadly bought what was described as a used Tomtom truck satnav from Ebay sadly on arrival it is a tomtom one loaded with truck software. Is this counterfeit and ebay only specify returning it to the seller for a refund any thoughts please


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    TomTom has NEVER, EVER sold a One with the Truck map OR a Truck map suitable for the One so this is a pirate copy of the map!
    1. Suggest you try to return it for a full refund (incl P&P)
    2. Why not post the eBay users name/adverts here so TT can close him down?
    3. Or, if you're happy with it working fine for you, just keep it & enjoy cheap(er) Truck mapping on that device?
    Mind you, it seems there are still plenty on eBay so maybe TT don't care any more about piracy/losing revenue?