Interval training with flexible warm up time/distance

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I am using the Tomtom Adventure and am training to customise some interval training for me. For this, I can choose the time/distance of my warm up, the intervals, the rests, and even the cool down. And I can choose an amount of sets. Now comes the big "but".

BUT apparently I can not keep the warm up distance flexible so that the interval training can begin at, e.g., clicking a button on the watch. Let me just quickly tell you why I need this feature: I am living in a big city and interval running is not easy around here. There are cars, traffic lights, etc... thus, I have a very specific area on which I do my intervals. Let's call this my interval area, in which there are no traffic lights, road blocks or other disturbances from running. Problem is that if I want to do my intervals in exactly this area, I need to measure my distance for the warm up beforehand, which is annoying. I need to do this to tell the watch when to start my first interval.

Furthermore, even if I measure the warm up distance up to my specific interval area beforehand, this limits me pretty much: I must not deviate from the measured course, I cannot say that I want to take another traffic lights or another route than the one from the premeasured course. Otherwise, my intervals would start at the wrong spot.

Not to speak of the possibility that I do not want to start my interval training/warm up from my home door, but rather from, say work. Then I would have to premeasure this distance until I get into my interval area, too.

Long story short, I cannot use this interval feature without quite a lot of hassle. Or is there a possibilty to manually start the intervals in a specific area of your choice?

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    There is no way to do what you want and there never will be. TT Sports went out of business a year ago and ceased all development and production, so it is what it is. Your choice is to live with it or go with a different watch. I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.