Renault Clio TomTom- No maps found

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I just started my car and the satnav is saying no maps found. I have had the car for nearly 3 years with no problems and this has come out of the blue! As the car was second hand I don't have an account or any back up. Do I need to buy a new SD card? Everytime I put the current one in my computer it crashes which is very odd


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    It depends on navigation system version, but you can get a new sd card (4Gb size) and put it in the car navigation, and after a while, you will get a message that no maps found on the card. Then you can plug the card in your computer, install and run TomTom Home and register account, tie the navigation to that accound and maybe you will get that map that you had in the latest version. Othervise you will need to buy latest map, which, together with "voucher" code you can find on internet will be way less expensive than buying a new "Renault" card at local stealership.