Renault Megane (2016 model) with TomTom on R-Link2 buggy

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I've noticed on the tomtom navigation built-in to the car, it is quite buggy in that when giving directions it keeps cutting out, speed limits are not always correct as doesn't seem to update properly (was on m1 last night and it reckoned it was 40mph all way until i came of the motorway) - why does it say highway instead of motorway

does anyone else have these issues

also why do we only get 1 update a year and how are the speed cameras updated

I think it's good to have the navigation built-in but i'm thinking of moving back to my go6200 if can find suitable mount for windscreen as it's easier to use and is more upto date.


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    Maps are updated by Renaults wish and there is not much we can do about it. Live services are costing a lot, because Renault has to pay for sim card data usage, if I am not mistaken.
    Your best bet is phone with Android Auto and hope that Tomtom takes support of R-link but that is not really possible.
    IMHO, R-Link navigation is good to drive home from the place you don't know very well. Also, R-link engine sounds are amusing, if you do not have Megane GT already.