Multisport Cardio HR freezing when having a break whilst cycling

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The HR monitors fine on commencing cycling. Sometimes (more often recently) whilst having a break (no matter how long) the reading freezes. The cadence also stops although that is not my priority here.
if I stop the session and try and start a new one straight away no HR is detected. It will work if left for a short while.
I have changed the battery in my HR strap and synced the watch via the PC to ensure it’s up to date to no avail.
its getting annoying now, can anyone offer any advise please?


  • tfarabaugh
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    It is likely a fault in the watch itself. Start with a factory reset and if that fails to resolve it contact Support, but I imagine you are long out of warranty since they stopped producing them years ago. In that case you are likely out of luck.

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