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No more support for tomtom rider 2

musingermusinger Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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I think it a shame that there is no more support for my tomtom, it works great. What I am suppose to do throw it in the garbage, why , is this their way to make you spend more money, I am retired on social security and can not affornd a new gps, I think you guys at the top of the food chain ****, If I ever have to buy another gps you can bet that I WILL NOT BUY A TOMTOM BRAND and you can take that to the bank.


  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    I have recently sold my one and bought a new 400 although I was not aware that TT had stopped supporting it.
    The problem is that the sim card is only capable of updating maps to 2009 as the later ones have so much more data on them. Plus the later unit/system works differently as it is aligned to be used with a mobile phone.
    I do still have a couple of old bike docks if that is of any help.
  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 725 Superuser
    Most technological products suffer from short lifetimes especially when software is evolved, that’s the reality.

    Smartphones are a great example with a few exceptions. Most Android based smartphones are supported only for an Android version (which is a serious security problem), with the exception of Apple iOS devices that they are supported up to five iOS versions...

    Software is evolving, it’s requirements are increasing and makes hardware useless as new versions are coming...

    The same is happening with maps. Maps of 2018 are not the same with the maps of 2011. They’re continuously improving to give us a better result. It’s more than lines drawn on a screen. The latest generation of maps is not only slower but are bigger because of the data they contain.

    Supporting old devices is not impossible but at what cost?

    Personally I can’t afford a new motorcycle GPS. I’m unemployed for more than 3 years because of the crisis here. It looks that my Rider 400 is the last one. I have to compromise with less ideal solutions but (almost) free.
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    I also used my old rider2 up until 2016 as I found that generally the roads have not changed that much and if I found myself riding in a field I just keep going and sooner or later you would pick up the old road. I am generally refering to UK and European roads in my case.
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