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Hi, I bought a Golfer 2 watch yesterday and it has caused me such a headache. The fact it doesn’t come with a user manual doesn’t help either.

Anyway, the guy in the shop told me that I need to register the product first. I have no idea how to register, I’ve looked online and can’t find a link. I have downloaded the app and set up an account, given all my details etc. Is this enough? Can some help with that please.

Also, I took it to the course yesterday after hours of trying to set it up, it located the course, but then didn’t work. It stayed on the first hole for the duration of the round and the distances never changed (as in after my drive, I’d walk to my ball and the watch still displayed the same info as when I was on the tee). Any suggestions here please?

And because the above was not working it wasn’t telling me the distance I was hitting the ball.

one last thing, sorry this is going to be a headache for some to read. When you open the app, it asks you to push down on the watch to awaken it. It then connects to the app and then after a few seconds it disconnects and says “press down to awaken your watch”. Is this normal or should it stay connected the whole time.

Thanks, any help would be great as I’m close to pulling my hair out.


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    Hi Andymolo,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I can see that your watch is all up to date with the latest software installed on it and linked to your email address. You can check the public FAQ here to know more about the pairing your Golfer with the iOS device.

    Cheers, lampard