My watch is fully charged, but has lines over the screen

Doug Mead
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I have performed factory reset and fully charged my watch, but it either has a blank screen or lines horizontal lines across the screen


  • lampard
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    Hi Doug Mead,

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    Please get in touch with our customer support and they'll be able to help you further with this. You can click 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

    Cheers, lampard
  • Daaniel
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    I have the same problems with my Golfer watch.
    I received a useless email answer until now
  • Regal33
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    My watch has worked fine until today when I got white lines across all screens. Help.
  • Regal33
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    How do I reset the watch?
  • tfarabaugh
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    Plug it into your computer with Sports Connect running and select factory reset.
  • Axelaf
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    Just an update, I swapped the inside of my golfer 2 into my runner 2 (which I bought for £15) just 4 screws keeping the circuit boards in place and my golfer 2 is now back from the dead and the screen image is perfect on every screen. It was really easy to do just need some micro/watch screwdrivers.
    Hope this helps my fellow golfers.