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COMPLAINT -11th August 2018-

I have a TOM TOM the KD4xxxKxxxxx, bought brand new with Worldwide Maps for the start of a trip 2017-2019 through North, Central and South America.

I started having mapping problems in Mexico, Acapulco to be precise.....the sat nav did not have a up Guatemala City.....useless....telling me to turn down streets that weren't there, streets that were inaccessible, wrong way down one way streets. I complained to TOM TOM......replied 'your maps are not up to date'......COMPLETE GARBAGE..... the maps have constantly been up to date...…..cities like Guatemala City do not change their traffic systems overnight. The sat nav also did not work between Guat City and Lake Atitlan, again giving wrong directions onto roads that were non existent. I've had various problems through the whole of Central America and am currently now in Ecuador where once again in Quito the TOM TOM has absolutely no clue of direction or addresses. I have updated the maps again on 10/11th August 2018 …..which took all night and morning I hasten to pre emp TOM TOM'S reply to my complaint that their maps are pretty much useless. I have paid for a product which definitely does not do what it says on the tin and will be reporting them to Trading Standards when I return to the UK. I have since seen in the news that for other customers they are stopping support for some devices where people have paid for 'lifetime maps' as they say those devices have memories no longer capable of supporting the new maps. Thankfully it does not appear that my device is on that list...….so TOM TOM...WHY DO MY UPDATED MAPS NOT WORK ?????.....I'm incredibly eager to hear your excuse now..... (Copies kept)

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    3 excuse from TOM TOM yet......
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    You do have map 1010 for the region you are travelling? It may be that the quality for regions you are travelling is not that good.
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    DHN- Please don't insult my intelligence.....the maps are World Maps provided by TOM TOM and up to date as the post says. The fact remains, TOM TOMS maps are pathetic and nobody from TOM TOM can give a full explanation as to why their maps are not working. It's an absolute disgrace.
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    Wasn't insulting your intelligence. Or wasn't meaning to, sorry.

    As you can see by the following link:

    coverage in Guatemala is 60%, meaning pretty sparse at best as you've found out. Even Ecuador at 91% means there are gaps in the coverage.

    It is what it is...……….
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    Thank you DHN...…….When you buy TOM TOM it does not state that maps don't wouldn't buy it if you knew just how bad it was. To not be able to direct you correctly through Guatemala City in this day and age is ridiculous.....Guatemala may have some poor areas like other countries but it is not a third world country......TOM TOM's mapping is totally incorrect, in fact it's a complete disaster.

    Why would you sell a defective product......having maps that are directing you incorrectly is highly dangerous and if you're one of those people that listen religiously to the directions from the sat nav instead of using your brain you're going to end up in 'hot water' or in an accident. Maps should categorically not be sold with mis-leading and incorrect information on them.

    TOM TOM are not answering with any kind of valid excuse. They are wrong to sell their product in the manner they do....'all singing, all map coverage'.....

    I've asked TOM TOM how they obtain their mapping....what's their response

    False advertising is the use of false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers or advertising that does not disclose its source. ... A false advertisement can further be classified as deceptive if the advertiser deliberately misleads the consumer, as opposed to making an honest mistake

    I will not be buying TOM TOM again, I've already had to download to help navigate where TOM TOM is totally inaccurate.

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    Did you receive a reply from Trading Standards (I'm assuming you did report the matter to them)?
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