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GO 6100 directing to routes through country lanes, single roads



  • HugoMHugoM Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Hi Mikko
    I'd like to request a refund on my TomTom Go 5000.
    It keeps trying to take me down a route where the only way back to the main road is a bus lane with cameras and hefty fines. The road serves two housing estates so it's 5 minutes each way.
    First time it was daylight and I wasted 10 mins on what was supposed to be a 15 min journey. Second time it was night and i didn't recognise the road immediately - another wasted journey.
    In the meantime, I know i can't trust the TomTom because it has tried to take me along other bus lanes and bus and taxi lanes which if I didn't watch very carefully (I'm trying to watch the traffic and the suicidal pedestrians as well as the navigator) would result in nasty fines. When plotting a route it's so likely to try to take me to this bus lane that I have to use google maps in the office instead of the TomTom.
    Removing the ability for a user to mark a road map error is substantially changing the functionality of the device. This isn't the device I bought (as defined under Sale of Goods Act):@. Therefore please issue a full refund and I'll send the heap of useless plastic back to you.
    Alternatively, you could just fix the problem by restoring the ability for user updates?
    (and no, the road has been like this for two map updates, so you have no excuses - it's UK, so the map information has been made available to you!)
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,206 Superusers
    This is a user forum. Log issues with support:

    United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Hugo,

    As dhn mentioned, we can't handle refund requests here on the forum. Customer Service can help you with that.

    However, it sounds to me like you've found some errors in the map causing these routing issues. I'd recommend you to post some details of these routes to the Map Quality board for further investigation. Of course Customer Service can help you with this as well. Or you could report them directly to our map team with the MapShare Reporter.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • MadEnglishMadEnglish Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Grahamac wrote:
    ATB YFM?

    My TT sent me down road with trees brushing my door mirrors and grass growing in the middle.
    Had this yesterday
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