Carminat Live missing computer voices

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Hi there
Could anyone please help me in regards of missing computer voices on my Renault Carminat Live? My car is Renault G Scenic (13 plate)
I have tried to ask on this forum last week and then I contacted Renault Carminat but the answers are useless, not to mention my previously post here has been deleted without being sorted first
Renault passed my issue to Tomtom according to their email and now I have received another email from Renault where they are saying that if computer voices are not available to be restored from my PC that means it is nothing else to do and my device will run without computer voices and due to that no spoken street names or notifications anymore. I can't believe I have received this answer. I just purchased few months ago full EU map and 1 year update service.
I have tried every possible advice to re-add UK computer voices back on my device (restore, re-initialising,..etc) but unfortunately it still doesn't work.
Any help is highly appreciated
Many thanks

PS I have my device System information log ready if it helps


  • Niall
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    Try contacting Customer Services by phone

    :flag_gb: United Kingdom
    02079 490 132
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    Your SD card should have two folders named LoquendoTTS and Voices.

    With SD card inserted, start TomTom Home and go to Manage my device.
    Look at what is stored on your device and what is stored on your computer. This should show if you have the voices available.

    Follow Niall's advice to contact TomTom Customer support (TT support the Carminat, not Renault).
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    Hi guys
    Thank you for your help.
    It is sorted now.
    I have asked a friend who's driving same car to give me his SD card and I just copied a folder named I think named "Vault" (I can double check if it is the right name), but I've seen there are couple files inside with Serena part of the name.
    All sorted..I'm happy now
    Many thanks guys

    PS If anyone has same issue I can give Serena folder. Just ask
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    Hi alin73,

    nice to hear that you solve it on your own :)

    The Folder is called "VAutoTTS" (That contains the Nuance Vocalizer TextToSpeech-Voices). If you ever need it again and the other Renault-Stuff, be free to write me a PN. I can help you ;)


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    Hi Troubadix12

    You're right. That's the folder name.
    Good to know :)
    Many thanks
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    Hello! I've recently bought a Renault Trafic and am missing the voices too. It would be great if you could share the files :)