Loss of speed cameras via 53

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During the last update for my device, via 53, the screen went blank for roughly 1 second before i got thr " update complete" message on screen. The next day i realised i've lost all the speed cameras from my device. I've tried doing a complete factory reset, and the soft reset option but still no camera's.
As my device is just 3 months old i have been getting messages to start paying for my camera updates, i'm in 2 minds as to whether this is a good idea, if i do will the cameras come back when it next upgrades them? Or has the software gone for good?


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    I have tomtom GO5100 and in last 2 weeks my speed camera stop working dont see it or dont get any sound at all. i have life sub on speed camera and trafic . i got company and my drivers start get tickets beacuse we all working on go5100 but my frends on others tomtoms with life speed cameras SUB. allso say they have problems last week dont show them speed cameras.
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    Tomtom Go6200 Wifi since the last major update I have no speed camera alerts at all. Sometimes one-two speed camera icon shows up on the map without warning but most of the cameras are not visible at all. (Germany, Austria, Hungary) I use the device 1 year now without any problem but this last update almost made it useless. At some point rest places and road works were missing too however it was sold by some hard resets and factory resets. Unfortunately speed cameras are still missing and nothing seems to fix it. I suppose reinstalling the speed camera maps would might help but in go6200 wifi it is not possible. So I'm waiting for the next update. What a shame for a 400 EUR divice...
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    I brought the VIA 53 because it clearly stated it didn't need a pc to start up and install updates. Now since the last update i don't even have the speed cameras installed on my device at all. I've contacted @tomtom on social media and told them i want a full refund, as my device is only 3 months old and is not fit for purpose.