MyDrive Connect for Linux / Ubuntu

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How can I download and install MyDrive Connect on my computer which runs on Linux/Ubuntu?


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    MyDrive Connect only runs in a Windows or MacOS environment :(

    Some have found that it will run under a 'Wine' emulation
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    No one has found a solution , also not with the "Wine Emulation" as far as I know
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    Too stupid from TomTom not to find a solution for this problem
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    TomTom don't have a version of MyDrive Connect for Linux unfortunately.

    Your best options (in increasing order of trickiness) are:
    1. Buy a cheap laptop to install Windows on for the sole purpose of running MyDrive
    2. Get hold of a Windows 10 image and dual boot, ideally on a separate hard drive, and install MyDrive on that
    3. Install VirtualBox and create a Windows VM to install MyDrive on
    4. Wrestle with Wine to get it running on that
    The only guaranteed methods of it running are options 1 and 2, as MyDrive uses some pretty gnarly low level USB communication to keep things proprietary. Option 3 should be OK... and all the best of luck should you go for option 4 :slight_smile:

    Oh... one other option (which I suspect is TomTom's favourite) - buy a new wifi-enabled Go. These hook directly to your wifi network for updates, completely removing the need for MyDrive Connect.
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    Thanks, I will try some
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    I could not succeed in installing "MyDrive Connect" work on Debian ( Ubuntu, Kubuntu ) using Wine - thru PlayOnLinux (despite versions of Visual C++ and dotNet were installed )...

    As my Windows 7 will end soon (14/01/2020) and upgrading to windows 10 needs to buy a new computer (mine works very well), then I decided to write to TomTom teams (using a contact form);
    their reply seems very positive for a Linux version in the very next future; I quote it :
    I understand that you wish to know about the availability of the mydrive connect software on your Linux computer.
    I completely understand your attachment and inclination towards linux OS.
    However, we only support Windows and MacOS as of now.
    Hence, in order to use the software, you can use a different computer of any neighbour or relative.
    I understand that it is not economical to change computers just for our software.
    Hence, I will certainly forward your feedback to our technical team who will take note of your issue and certainly come up with options for you in the future.

    So I invite people who needs "MyDrive Connect" on Linux to ask it directely to TomTom team ( create your account and go to )


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