When will the new replacement straps be available again?

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The strap of my TomTom Runner 2 has broken more than a month ago. I wanted to buy a replacement strap since my watch is outside the waranty period. However, there are only two straps available in my size (small), in colors that I don't particularly like. I would like to have the dark blue strap and according to the website, it should be "available soon". So, I have been checking the website every couple of days to see if it is available already, but it is not there yet. Could you tell me when I can expect the strap to come available? How soon is "soon"? Or should I go for one of the other colors? Would it be possible to send me an email when it comes available, such that I don't have to check the website so often? Thanks.


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    Sorry to say but I doubt if there will any more, but check with Customer Services, TomTom have left the wearable market and are only selling off residual stock.

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    I would get one of whatever color you can while you can. As indicated in the previous post, TT left the wearables market almost a year ago and is just selling off surplus inventory. All production and development has stopped so presumably once the current ones run out there will no longer be any available. Rather than constantly checking the website which is not being updated as far as I can tell, call Support and ask them about it, they will know what the current inventory levels are.

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