Demo video starts playing during navigation

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During a ride, all of a sudden, the Demo video/screensaver video will come on - mid-navigation.
How can this even be possible?

At the same time, the bug about the orientation is making the screen dancing around, no wonder if the device gets upset - but quite some serious bug. Is there no testing done before releases? (You can, as a temporarily solution, lock the orientation through the Settings menu)

Does anyone know how to disable screensaver/demo mode completely?


  • Niall
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    The promotion video is not something which is usually on the units to begin with. The videos are meant for the store display samples but sometimes the incorrect ones get sold. ;)

    Contact Customer Services as only they can remove the problem

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  • YamFazMan
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    As Niall says sometimes Retail demo units get sold in error

    But there can be a short promo video that is usually disabled by....
    Having a GPS fix, a Route planned, then simply drive at over 40 Km/h for at least 10 seconds.