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TomTom android app and 550 rider

PetewhitPetewhit Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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Hi I have problems with my 550 rider losing connection with traffic updates i Have tried the reset butStill does the same, I have a Huawei p20 android phone and I also have the TomTom go app on the phone. And this also loses the connection to updates. Could it be because I have the go app on the phone and the 550 set up to get data via the phone that's the issue.


  • LevispLevisp Posts: 74 [Supreme Navigator]
    I don't know if this will help but I could not get traffic updates on my iPhone 8 which was Bluetoothed to my Rider 550. Phoned support and discovered that with smart phones you have to have Hotspot enabled and connected to Rider as well as BT to get it all to work. Maybe this might help you with your Android phone connection.
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Hi Petewit, Have just posted the reply below on another post, This works with my iphone SE. Levisp reply above didnt work for me. Found the wifi bit a total liability (found the 550 a total liability !) Nothing seems to make any sense with the 550 it just sems very hit and miss (found tomtom suport to be totaly in the dark, - I think they outsourced the 550 and don't have a clue about it)

    As previously posted -
    Given up on the wifi bit on my rider550. found that the hot spot connection goes "out of range " if you turn off or move my phone away from the 550 and wont reconnect unless you turn off/ reset/hit with a large hammer. (have a number of posts / support requests etc going) Did find that since the last wifi update I can now get Bluetooth traffic working (If I turn / disable the wifi - yes I know...) I found that if I clear all Bluetooth connections, then connect up NOT using the my drive app - this gives one Bluetooth channel / connection, then connect again via my drive (this takes some time and appears to be doing nothing) I then I get 2 tt rider connections on my phone (iphone SE) and get phone messages, callers, and traffic. This lasted for some time, until I stupidly enabled wifi for an update, even after disabling wifi Bluetooth would not work until I deleted all connections and repeated the above.
    This is really ridiculous. The rider 550 is great to actually use and as £99.00 Aldi special is a bargain. Regretfully I paid more like £500 for a load of rubbish. Have fun !!
  • LevispLevisp Posts: 74 [Supreme Navigator]
    Since my previous post I found BT connected to traffic when my home wi-fi was turned off. So maybe thats the answer. What I cannot find is way to turn wi-fi off on the Rider instead of having to turn of my home network. I connected using the MyDrive app.
  • Nigel ANigel A Posts: 123 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Went down that road as well ! There is now way to "turn off" wifi (that I know of) only to "forget the connection. My home wifi always overroad my phones hot spot, then when I left home the phone was always logged "out of range" and not connectable. Tomtom davice was simply to turn off do a full reset (reload maps connections etc.!) and start again - bit of a bugger if you only popped into a cafe during a ride !
  • LevispLevisp Posts: 74 [Supreme Navigator]
    Yes its all a bit of a pain. For the last 6 months I have been using the Mobile Go app on my iPhone 8 plus. That worked well as far as connection. However I have noticed that the Rider 550 is quicker and very accurate position on road. Screen is not as good as phone. Bought the Rider because the app could not store routes / tracks. Love the way I can plan a ride and send it to the Rider. However it does take time to work out how it all works. Overall I'm happy with my Rider also got it for a good price £350. However I think TomTom need to get the connection easier and the screen bigger and clearer if they want people to buy standalone devices. The phones are getting better and the screens are so good.
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