GO-520 & MyDrive Connect Anomaly!!

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Relatively recently I purchased a GO-520 which, after registering etc, appeared under "MyDevice" in MyDriveConnect (although it doesn't actually let you do anything as that has to be done by WiFi).

However, within the last week, MyDriveConnect has decided that I NO longer own a "GO-520", but that I now own a "GO ESSENTIAL (with the SAME Serial Number as my GO-520)!

Obviously, everything still works (hence, it is not an "Issue"), but I do find it strange!!


  • VikramK
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    Hi John

    This is happening because both GO 520 WiFi and the GO Essential devices have identical hardware and the serial number starting with the same initials.

    I can understand that this could be confusing and I will pass it on as a feedback.

  • John-Jay
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    Many thanks, @VikramK

    Having seen your response I did a search for GO ESSENTIAL (had previously done this, but hadn't found anything) & I note that TomTom had made an "Announcement" that this was a "new" Model that was available from the end of Aug'18 (in the UK). This would obviously explain why MyDriveConnect DID intially show that my device was a GO 520, but then subsequently changed.

    Having now visited the TomTom UK site, it now seems that it totally supersedes the GO 520. However the "ESSENTIAL" only includes Europe Maps & only has 6-months of Speed Camera updates.

    This I find to be seriously worrying (if TomTom can't really differentiate between the ESSENTIAL & the 520) since it would seem to be a possibility that I could lose access to non-Europe Maps &, also lose my Camera Updates!

    Incidentally, whilst on the subject of TomTom's Web-Site & the ESSENTIAL, I note that (as expected) it includes Life-Time Traffic, but it NO longer makes it clear that it depends on having a connected Smart-Phone!! IMHO, that is a bad omission!
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    Hi @John-Jay

    You can check yourself your lifetime subscriptions in MDC.
    Go to the "My Content" tab and go down the bottom of the page. In the category "My Services" you will normally have all your subscriptions World Maps and Speed Cameras with the mention "Lifetime". Click on a picture for more details.

    In your TomTom customer account on the TomTom website you can also check your subscriptions.

    Login with your email and password. In "My Products" tab, click on the "Details" button under the picture of your product. You will see a list of all the services related to your device and their duration, lifetime/Active for World Map, EU Traffic, EU Speed Cameras and Connected Services.

    If you don't have the mention "Lifetime" as it should be with a GO520 Wifi, an explanation with the TomTom Customer Service will be necessary.

  • John-Jay
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    Hi, @LAURE123 ,

    Thanks for your help!

    However, ONLY the 2nd method works! Certainly I can see that I have LIfetime Guarantees for both World Maps & Europe Speed Cameras. Despite that, I'm still cautious that some TomTom Backroom guy will assume (since GO ESSENTIAL is NEVER supplied with that "offering") it is a mistake & "correct" it - I think I will feel more comfortable if the description reverts back (since it used to be correct) to GO520!

    Incidentally, in the MDC, you can NEVER uniquely select the GO520 (I can for my GO5100 & my Start 60) since, all it does is take me to a Message Page telling me to use WiFi (with a Button labelled "Got-It"). When I "acknowledge" that message, by pressing the "Button", it simply takes me back to the listing of ALL my devices!
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    Hi @John-Jay

    With MDC, when you try to interrogate your GO620, the device must not be connected to the PC. I thought it was possible to select it this way as for the deletion of the customer account. I didn't think it would not work with a Nav5 Wifi. Sorry.

    I understand your concern that a TomTom agent relies only on handwritten wording.

    It's the same situation for my GO5100, I read that you had one too.
    The first 2 letters of its serial number are QR. Which correspond to a GO5100 or a GO5000. The GO5000 only has the EU Lifetime Map, not the World Lifetime Maps and doesn't have Lifetime Speed ​​Cameras.
    In my customer account on the TomTom website my GO5100 has the wording "GO5000" with the rights of a GO5100. And this wording was once GO5100. I think this has changed with the last "improvement" of this tab.

    Last week, I called TomTom customer service to add a map to my GO5100. The TomTom agent asked me for the serial number of my device to check the rights of my subscription and he found with World Lifetime Maps.
    I think subscriptions are linked to the full serial number of a device and not just the first 2 letters, fortunately for us.
    Keeping our bill carefully and taking a screenshot of our rights on our account is a good precaution.

    The first 2 letters of your GO620 Wifi must be ZN, the same as for the new GO Essential.

    TomTom would make things simpler by not giving the same letters of identification to very different devices.

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    What does it say on the device itself....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> About....
    My devices all report the correct Model Name

  • John-Jay
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    Hi, @YamFazMan ,

    Yes, I forgot about that!

    You are correct & it does state GO520!

    However, given the way TomTom managed to arbitrarily "change"/"update" the MDC, I'm still a bit cautious/pessimistic that somehow TomTom will manage to "change"/"update" that as well! :disappointed_relieved: