Ultra Slow updates are back mydrive connect,

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My last map update was fast, about 15 minutes. I attributed the speed to an update to MyConnect that accompanied the map. See, all of my prior map updates were 4 hours plus.

So - went to get the map an email suggested, and I had to update MyConnect again. Well, with the latest MyConnect and subsequent map download/update, the time required has returned to the intolerable multi-hour schedule.

I guess someone had to prove the website was useful by quadrupling the time users were on-line.


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    Oh, worth mentioning, a 1% step in the progress spinner is taking about 4 to 5 minutes now. It started at 1 hour remaining (0%). It now says 53 minutes (30%), and it's been running for nearly an hour.

    I downloaded a few CAD applications and manuals the other day and it took a few minutes - about 10GB total; and 105Mb/s is my typical download speed per Speedtest.

    What is very odd for all you Europeans with better privacy rights than us Americans.

    TomTom is using 100% of my upload bandwidth of 3Mb/s. 100%. And downloads is exactly that same speed; almost like I am being given one bit for every bit they take off my computer.

    What is TomTom uploading to it's servers from my computer?
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    And after posting these short threads in the forum my download reset and is now back at 6%. Looks like ANY other network traffic resets MyDrive ... what a lame piece of software.
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    After aborting and coming back to the app - the GPS is complaining there isn't a map (at least it isn't 100% bricked). And the update reverted back to the 6% done. That it had reached 31% before the app managed to lose its place (no crash, just forgot it was 31% done and dropped back to 6%).

    Did I say I'll NEVER buy another TomTom due to software quality issues.
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    Well - the process just failed again and is now back to 6% with no network activity.

    I guess this version of MyDrive Connect was intended to brick the GPS rather than update it.

    And yes, since the unit is OUT of warranty TomTom won't even talk to me.

    Time for a class action lawsuit.
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    @4x4 Tim

    For your GO 500 does the serial number start with "M8" or "Q", if "M8" then yes it has been declared 'EoL' otherwise it is a NAV4 device and can be helped out by calling Customer Services

    :flag_gb: United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    Hi @4x4 Tim

    With MyDrive Connect software, if you have the message "No Map" in a red banner on your device, watch this video before restarting a download.
    If MyDrive Connect indicates that the map is corrupted, it must be uninstalled before a new download. Don't forget to empty the download folder.

    Make sure there is enough space on your device's internal memory to hold the map you want. A memory of 8GB has become too small for the full maps, a micro SD card class 10 of 16GB (max 32GB) must be added to the device.


    Otherwise contact support for more help:
    :flag_us: United States
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST

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