Bandit is not compatible with TomTom Watches...! Warning

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For anyone owning or looking to buy a TomTom Bandit or TomTom Watch (I've the Spark3HRMP3) or both and excited by the idea of being able to use the HR monitor on your watch to connect with the HR sensor on the Bandit so you can see live in-the-moment HR activity on your film....STOP. YOU CAN"T....
The watch collects HR data that it then sends to the app (syncing with others such as MapMy and Strava) but can not send data - to the Bandit.
So...what do TomTom recommend you do? Of course, spend another £60 on their HR Monitor Strap, that you then fasten around your chest ( .

Oh, and though they cheer the fact that the Bandit is waterproof, their HR Monitor Strap of not...

I found this cheaper waterproof (to 5 feet) option if interested -

Thought this worth a share...with thanks also to those who've posted this info previously in other parts of the forum (but perhaps not as a new conversation with the detail)...


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    Have you tested them together?
    I own a Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor and have just bought a Bandit, but I can't seem to pair them