Botlekbrug eastbound to Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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There is an issue with pathfinding on the Botlekbrug eastbound to Rotterdam. It's is basically a parallel highway bridge next to the A15 and it has an exit to the city Hoogvliet with exit no 17.

But for some kind of reason TomTom marks this as a normal road. So when driving on the bridge (Botlekbrug) heading for Hoogvliet, TomTom does not tell you to take the exit, on the TomTom screen it displays drive straight ahead following the main road. But that causes you to miss the exit and end up on highway A15 not having an exit for another 6 km.

I do not understand why it is developed like that. I have posted it a few times on Map Share Reporter and every time I get the feedback it is solved. But 4 maps update later the issue still exists.
Is there anyone at support that understand my problem with this exit?