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Error with contact in TomTom VIO app

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I have discovered a small but quite limiting error in the IVO app for IOS: When searching for address in contacts the app will not include any contacts where the city name has more one word AND the second word has only one letter! Might seem odd, but in Denmark we usually put an extra letter after a city name if there are more than one zip code in the same city (e.g. 5000 Odense C for 5000 Odense City). An address like this is not recognized by the app! You can however delete the C or add another letter. It would really be nice if this got fixed.


  • BMASBMAS Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    VIO (not IVO :-)
  • BMASBMAS Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    OK - I thought this was kind of an "official" forum managed by TomTom - since I have not found any other place to contact TomTom. However it is apparently just a channel to park support issues. I'll draw back from here and return my TomTom product.
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