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MyDrive Android app orientation

alanjayalanjay Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
MyDrive app almost fine on my tablet, but on my Moto G6 phone the map has north pointing to the left. With all the names readable as it is. And NO I do not need to rotate the screen. a) as I said all the labels are set that way, b) it doesn't change if I do and, yes, I have it set correctly to rotate. (I know how all u 'experts'love to put the rest of us 'right'!)


  • LucifyLucify Posts: 124 [Exalted Navigator]
    On my android phone all looks okay with the map north up.

    Did you try reinstall of app? May be then ask customer care
  • alanjayalanjay Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks for that. It seems to have corrected itself now! Hope it stays that way, but thanks for your time.
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