Why São Paulo (Brazil) Maps are not being updated?

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One of the main avenues in São Paulo, Av. Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio, has had all its left and right conversions modified 2 years ago and I am yet to see such changes reflected on Tom Tom's maps. I even tried to bring attention to that through MapShare this year but although it shows as accepted the maps on my TomTom Go were update two times after that and it still shows wrong routes.

TomTom is in my opinion the mos accurate route planner on iOS and is vastly superior to Waze when monitoring realtime traffic, but having old, non updated maps is forcing me to seek other inferior solutions...


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    Oops ... I already reported the fix on https://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/

    If you are using on your cell phone, I suggest Tomtom Navigation. It is an evolution of TOmTOm GO. It uses TomTom's new mapping technology, NDS, called the real time map. It is still in its initial stages, but promises to greatly improve the quality of the maps. What's more, for Brazil it's totally free.
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    Hello DCJunior06! I reported on MapShare three months ago, but it was not reflected in TomTom Go.

    I had not heard of Navigation, I just downloaded. And to my surprise he has the map corrected in those problems !! (I.e.

    I'll test him a lot. I'll be very happy if I can use TomTom again here in SP. Thanks for the recommendation !!!